For the continual reduction of adverse environmental impacts included in our activities and products, we establish and maintain an environmental management system, and try to settle environmental consideration on our activities.
Furthermore, we continuously improve our environmental management system, and try to prevent of pollution, in particular, to save of the resource, and to save energy.
2. We comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and with other requirements to which we subscribe.
3. When we request the content investigation, abolition, and the reduction of adverse chemical material from the customer in the environment, we positively receive these requests.
4. Every year, we make the report concerning an environmental impact and the result of the environmental improvement which our activity causes. We indicate this report and Environmental Policy to everybody who has the concern.
5. This environmental policy is communicated to all employees.

26 MAY 2008
Mik denshi kohgyo Co.,Ltd.
Muneyoshi Miyata